iOS Development

Course Details This bootcamp will cover the fundamentals of iOS development using the Objective C programming language. Students will learn the fundamentals of Objective C and Cocoa development. Topics include: View controllers, Storyboards, memory management, animation, iCloud, map and location services as well as using the audio and video framework. Design concepts will be covered as well as testing and deployment. What is recommended? Your app idea to start building it out! Who Should Apply? We will provide 2 training courses 1. For individuals with no engineering background 2. For individuals with at least 1-2 years programming backgroud. Here is a breakdown of our curriculum: Course Overview, Setting up environment, XCode Model-View Controller Paradigm, Introduction to Objective C, Create your first project UI Design & Controls Multiview Application Architecture Tab Bars Table Views & Navigation Controllers Storyboard creation Storing Data: Core Data & SQLite3 Maps & Location, iCloud Gyro and Accelerometer Testing & Deployment Review of your final project! You will also learn about the Genius code in learning to master any programming language!

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  • SUITE 1300