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iPhone App Development: Where To Begin

It’s no secret that smartphone apps, particularly those produced for the iPhone and Apple Store, are a big deal. Though Apple is fairly secretive about specific statistics regarding third party apps, Fortune estimates that there are currently 700 million iPhones in use worldwide — a number that may well grow to 1 billion in the next several years.

This large install base obviously presents a large potential market of app users (a substantial business opportunity) and is one of the primary reasons many would-be entrepreneurs pursue the iOS platform for software development. Here’s an introduction to what you’ll need to know if you want to start peddling apps of your own.

Learning to Create Apps for iPhone

So, where to begin? If you’ve never made an app before, it’s easy to become lost in the sea of information out there — particularly if you have no formal education in programming. Thankfully, though, the skills required to create apps can be taught, and iPhone app courses, like my own, are a good place to start.

Like the name suggests, my courses are designed to impart the skills necessary for app development and generally are accessible regardless of your current level of proficiency. If you already have some basic programming knowledge, we can work from there to teach you how to apply those rudimentary talents in creating iPhone apps. If you’re a complete beginner, I can show you the ropes of how to code as you go along. For neophytes, the latter style is usually the best place to start.

What sort of knowledge is contained within my courses? Specifics vary, obviously, depending on which course you decide to take, but as a general rule, you can expect to cover a few key concepts. Chief among these is becoming familiar with Apple’s app-development language and environment, Swift and Xcode. While it is possible to program apps using other languages, like Objective-C, Swift is something that Apple has pushed pretty hard, and it behooves most prospective developers to learn what it’s all about.

As you learn the programming language, you’ll also learn to add different features to apps, creating UIs (user interfaces), adding audio and images, handling user interaction — everything you’d need to fine-tune an app to your purposes, whatever they may be. In addition to that, you’ll also learn about what Apple permits and frowns upon in their app store. Apple has strict guidelines for what they’ll permit on their platform, so it’s best to know all the do’s and don’ts before diving in.

If you’re creating an app that you intend to sell, then programming is just one part of the equation. That’s why my courses delve into the developer marketing side of things as well. I’ll teach you what you need to know about building an audience, promoting your app through social media and gaining a solid customer base you can sell your wares to.

In addition, developer marketing training can help provide insight into researching the market and testing the waters — learning what kind of software people would be interested in before you expend any effort creating it. It will also give you the tools you’ll need to have a smooth app launch and maintain your product well into the future.


Remember that even if you don’t have the skills now, all it takes is effort (and good instruction) to learn. Keep brushing up on your app creation and marketing skills, and with some luck, you’ll be able to master programming iPhone apps and make your foray into the software market with confidence.

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